The Samsung Galaxy S6 is officially here.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Finally, after a long time of teasers and leaked pictures and rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung’s flagship smartphone has been launched. This time around, Samsung has finally given up on faux leather and plastic which was made to look like metal, and gone for the real deal. The S6 is an all metal and glass beauty of a smartphone. Let’s take a closer look.

Design wise, the S6 is gorgeous. The front and rear is covered in glass and the frame is aluminium which is reminiscent to the machined aluminium frame of the iPhone 6. Nevertheless, the S6 is beautifully constructed and the glass front and back panels are a much welcome upgrade, which finally makes the Galaxy series phones, at par with the HTC one m8 and the iPhone 6.

An important change that Samsung has brought to the new model is that the back is no longer removable, which of course means that we cannot remove the battery. Also missing from the new model is the microSD card slot. But the S6 comes in 32 GB, 64 GB and even 128 GB in built storage options.


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