Samsung Galaxy Alpha launched in India for ₹39990.

Samsung has launched the Galaxy Alpha in India for ₹39990. The Alpha is reminiscent of the S line up of phones, but this one comes with an aluminium frame which really improves on the plasticky S4 and S5, in terms of look and feel alone.

“4.7 inches is the best size for a smartphone display, although 5″ screens are a joy to look at.”
Internally the Alpha comes with an Octa-core Exynos Processor with two quad-core processors working in sync. The screen of the Alpha though takes a step back to 4.7″ rather than 5″ and above, which seems to be the pre-requisite for any flagship smartphone nowadays. I still believe that 4.7 inches is the best size for a smartphone display, although 5″ screens are a joy to look at.  The resolution is 720p rather than (the usual) 1080p, with a pixel density of 326ppi. The Alpha has 3GB RAM, and 32GB internal storage, and surprisingly, no micrSD slot for storage expansion.

Another surprising fact about the Alpha, is that Samsung has fitted this phone with a 1860mAh battery. This phone is really light weighing in at only 115gms. It is also capable of capturing UHD 4K video. The finger print scanner gets carried over from the S5, but the SuperAMOLED display is in fact, the same one from the S3.

I really like this phone, mostly because it is a premium looking (and feeling) phone, but instead of going bonkers with the spec sheet, Samsung has opted for a more sensible route, and made a pretty phone with decent specs. That being said, I dont think i can justify the price at which the Alpha is being sold. It should have been more of a sub 30k phone.


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