Motorola’s Moto G2, successor to Moto G, rumored to be released by September 2014.

Moto G

Moto G

Motorola’s biggest ever success story, the Moto G, amazed everyone with top notch performance and the price at which it was offered. Now reports suggest that the company is all set to launch their followup model, aptly named the Moto G2. The new model will look almost same as the outgoing one, with a subtle unassuming all black front, as we saw in the leaked pictures.

There are high expectations about the Moto G2, following the amazing success of the Moto G. The Moto G2 is also expected to perform as well if not better than the current model. The rumors say that it will come with a quad-core ARM V7 processor and Adreno 305 GPU. The rear camera is said to be upgraded to an 8MP one, over the 5Mp one on the current model. Hopefully the quality will be better too.

The Moto G2 is also expected to be coming as a dual sim version in India, and its most likely that Flipkart will be having exclusive rights to selling the phone in India, looking at the fact that Moto G, Moto X and Moto E were sold exclusively by Flipkart in India. But nothing is for certain, and we should wait and see how it turns out.

The storage options of 8GB and 16GB might stay. Hopefully the price will be as competitive as Motorola has been pricing all its phones till now. Anyway, there can be no doubt as to whether the Moto G2 will also be a runaway success.


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