Koenigsegg One:1 crashes a German registration Computer.

Koenigsegg One:1

The brand new Koenigsegg One:1 hypercar has managed to crash a German registration computer. The computer was unable to process the unbelievable power output the car produces, which is a whooping 1360 PS or 1341 BHP. The name of the car, One:1, refers to the incredible power to weight ratio of the hypercar, 1:1, which means the car weighs 1341 kgs, and produces a maximum power of 1341 BHP.
Germany’s National Vehicle registration computer lists power output of cars in KiloWatts, and can accept only three figure values. The One:1 produces 1000KW, which the designers of the computer never thought would be possible for a production car. This confused the computer, which could not complete the registration of the car.

Photo courtesy: Carscoops


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