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Rockstar stunned the world in 1997 by creating an open world action adventure game, we all know it as Grand Theft Auto. With the grand success of the first GTA, Rockstar set out to create a plethora of  GTA games for gamers around the world to enjoy and engage in, with each iteration the games began to become more complex in story, style and visuals. Grand Theft Auto III released in 2001 which  was one of the first games on any platform to successfully implement a 3D world that was not just endless but also alive. Those who have not played even any one of the games in the franchise cannot consider them as a gaming enthusiastic.

Over the years the franchise has grown into a multi billion dollar undertaking which have brought in huge amounts of revenue for the creators which I believe they deserve. On 17th September of 2013, yet another iteration titled Grand Theft Auto 5 was released by Rockstar. The game has already become a huge hit and will go down as one of the best games in the entire video game industry. With in just 24 hours of the games release, the game brought in 800 Million dollars in revenue for Rockstar which  became a Guinness World Record. No other entertainment outing has topped that till now. Till date more than 35 million copies have sold and its still counting. The game received perfect reviews by almost all the critics out there, its considered as a master piece in game development, Rockstar was able to harness the complete potential of XBOX 360 and PS3 which had hardware 10 years older than the game itself.

During E3 2014, Rockstar confirmed the speculations revolving around the release of GTA V on the next gen consoles and the PC and about a few days ago they have finally set a date for the release. GTA V will be available on the PS4 and XBOX ONE November 18 2014. PC gamers have to wait 3 more months ie the PC version of GTA 5 will be out only on January 27 2015, one thing is for sure, the wait will be worth it. The game is available for preorder on all the platforms listed before now itself, its a bit strange that both the PC, PS4 and the XBOX ONE versions are priced the same. The PC gamers as always have the added advantage of high resolution textures, more complex vfx, and the biggest catch the huge number of modders that are waiting to bring out those sweet mods that make every GTA game stand out from the rest.

Check out the trailer for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC version of GTA. The entire trailer was captured using ingame visuals from a PS4.


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