Apple’s iWatch coming in October 2014? What to expect?


Apple iWatch concept.

It has been much talked about world wide, and everyone knows it is coming. The iWatch from Apple, is in the making and it is rumored to be launched on October 2014. But other reports suggest that the production of the iWatch could be delayed. The whole world has been waiting for the Apple’s take on the smart watch, and everyone expects nothing but a game changer. In the wake of Samsung, LG, and even Motorola stepping up in the game by introducing wearables recently, Apple seems to be under pressure for stepping into the wearables market with their own product.

It only seems to be the right move for Apple since Google introduced the Android Wear, a version of Android OS which is designed for wearables. Now with the iWatch we can expect Apple to think along the same lines, and see a version of the iOS being launched for the iWatch. The iWatch will be competing against, the absolutely stunning Moto360 from Motorola, the LG’s G watch, and of course Samsung’s Gear Live and Gear Fit.

Can we expect multiple wearable devices from Apple, just like Samsung’s Gear line up?

Personally, I dont think Apple will launch a line of devices. It will be one smart watch, and the brand new OS for the watch. The iWatch is expected to have capabilities to synchronize with other devices running iOS (iPhone, iPad) and the desktop OS X – Yosemite (iMac, Macbook Line up), and the earlier versions. It is also rumored that the device will have wireless charging, and NFC. The battery in the iWatch is rumored to last upto 4 or even 5 days. It is also expected to come with a heart rate monitor, given it is a wearable and a heart rate monitor seems to be ubiquitous in all wearables, and also with TouchID, the fingerprint reader like in the iPhone 5S.

There are numerous concept renderings for the iWatch going around the internet now. My best guess is that the iWatch will be made of Aluminum and Glass, and knowing Apple’s ability to pull off amazing designs, I wont be surprised if it turns out like anything I have ever seen before.


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