A $25 (₹1500) phone from Nokia/Microsoft – Nokia 130.

12-Aug-14 2-44-21 PM
Nokia 130 Dual SIM

Nokia 130 Dual SIM

Microsoft is has released a $25 phone, which would be about ₹1500, named Nokia 130. This phone comes in both Single SIM and dual SIM variants. Microsoft is aiming the Nokia 130 at the African and Asian markets as of now. This phone will be the cheapest phone Nokia would have produced, after Microsoft took over the reigns.

This phone has a shape similar to the lower end Lumia phones like the Lumia 520, but it doesnt any features which u may find in any modern Lumia phone. It has a 1.8″ screen which is an ordinary screen, and has the physical number buttons. Connectivity wise, it has Bluetooth 3.0, has a microUSB port, and GPRS. It has a 3.5mm jack for connecting headphones and a flashlight.

This phone has been launched in India in August 2014.



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