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How Old are you

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Synopsis: Nirupama Rajeev (Manju Warrier) is a 36 year old UD clerk. She leads a normal life with her husband, Rajeev (Kunchakko Boban) and their only daughter.
but Rajeev is planning to settle in ireland with his wife and daughter. So Nirupama is also trying to get a job visa in Ireland. But she fails in every interview because of her age.
(minimum age bar is 35). So Rajeev and her daughter always tease Nirupama. Accidently Nirupama got an opportunity to meet the Indian president.

But that meeting also went against Nirupama. She became a laughing – stock in the society. Rajeev and their daughter went to ireland by leaving nirupama alone in kerala.
nirupama got depressed. At that time , Nirupama’s college – mate Susan (Kaniha) came into Nirupama’s life . Susan compelled Nirupama to achieve Nirupama’s dreams.
who was Nirupama in the past? ? What are the dreams and ambitions of Nirupama? Will Nirupama achieve it or not? ? Thats what “how old are you” reveals.

About the cast: after a long 14 years gap, Manju Warrier made her comeback in royal style. Nomore words to say. She was awesome in the role of Nirupama. . We cant even imagine about any other actresses in the role of nirupama. Kunchakko boban also did a decent job. I appreciate Kunchakko for accepting a father role of 13 year old girl.
Lalu Alex, Muthumani, Kunchan, Kaniha all did a decent performance in the screens.

About technical sides: script of Boby – Sanjay is the key of success for this movie. This script will definitely inspire every woman in kerala.
roshan andrews did a decent role as director. Cinematography and background score was awesome. Shreya ghoshal’s song “vijanathayil” was also good.

verdict: a sure super hit. After a long gap, a woman oriented character in mollywood. This movie is a dedication to every keralite woman. This gives a great inspirational thought to every woman

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