The Biggest Democracy In The World India ?


 Two days ago I was simply reading through some feeds from, about our country, the ideas it stands behind, the principles we believe in and so on. I saw a picture that made me think that there is still hope for our country, that it is not too late to go back. What made me do this?

 I saw several news reports of Mrs Sania Mirza crying during an interview, inquiring further about it, the reason being many top politicians and other not so top people were still scrutinizing about her being married to a non-Indian. These people came to the point saying that she was a non-Indian. I don’t want to post a video of the said incident because it would be unjust to the woman. The names of those people who forced such a reaction from her, these names are not important, what must be thought about is that we as a nation have made a mockery of all the principles our nation stands behind by punching to the point of making a woman cry on national television by harnessing her.

The culture that makes our country stands apart in this world, that’s falling apart,, the principles we once believed in are no where to be seen in the current scenario.  The achievements Mrs Sania Mirza brought to our nation were huge, I could lay down a long list of them, but that’s not the topic I want to get into. As I was saying before, The picture that made me make this post.


I don’t know anything about the child or the mother, I don;t know even if it is a mother and a child, but one thing that I am sure of it is in our country that this is possible and that to an extend helps me to have a little bit of hope.  I don’t know what this picture have to do with the above said event, the one thing I know is that this picture in some sort of a way has an influence in me, I am sure it will do the same for at least another one.

I have not forgotten about what is happening to the other women in our nation, including the little ones, but it just that I don’t want to say that word in the open. I read somewhere that we should pay respect and love to our mother then our father then to our teachers and finally God the almighty.

One more thing the name of our country is not Hindustan but for gods sake it is INDIA or lovably BHARAT.



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