NOKE : Keyless Padlock

NOKE : Padlock without keays

What if you can open a padlock without keys or combinations? NOKE – ‘No Key’ is a padlock which will bring that imagination to reality. NOKE is a padlock which is operated via Bluetooth.

This project is raising funds in Kickstarter now. According to the pitch in Kickstarter, to unlock the Noke, you just have press down on its shackle once.  The device will start searching your Smartphone in the Bluetooth range (3 meters). If the particular smartphone is found in the range, the device unlocks itself. It automatically locks itself when the phone gets out of its range.

Pass the unlock privilege using mobile application

Pass the unlock privilege using mobile application

If you somehow cant access your phone, there is an alternative way to unlock the device. By tapping  the shackle in a Morse-Code pattern which is configurable for a particular device, it can be unlocked.

One of the feature in this device lets you share the privilege to other people using an Android/iOS application. You can provide full time, one time, scheduled privilege to anyone using this application. Now that sounds interesting! You can pass the privilege to your family members, roommates,  co-workers and main thing, when someone is coming home late, no one needs should get up and open the door. Just pass the soft-key.

NOKE application UI

NOKE application UI

The device runs in a battery and the user will be notified when the battery goes down, which reportedly happens only once in a year. If the battery dies, we can replace the battery with the device still in place.

The device is expected to hit the market next year and the expected price is 20$.

Watch the Kickstarter Campaign video and know more about the device here





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