Hike Messenger : What makes it different

Hike Messenger

Hike Messenger

Hike Messenger, the instant messaging platform from Bharti SoftBank, is one of the fastest growing mobile apps in India that has crossed the 20 million registered users. It was launched 1.5 years ago and it grew its popularity mostly in last 6 months. Almost 5 million users joined hike in last 3 months, making Hike one of the fastest growing mobile applications from India. What are the changes that made hike take a leap? Let’s have a look on the features of hike.

Hidden Mode – Those who want to hide some conversations from others but still can’t restrict others taking your phone; this is exactly what you need.

Privacy and Last Seen – Share your Last seen information to your friends. To add further, you can set your favorites with whom you want to share this information. However if you are not sharing your ‘Last Seen’ information then you can’t see others last seen also.(similar to whatsapp)

Hike Offline (Hike2SMS) – Now you can chat with your offline friends too. This feature gives you free sms option to your offline friends. The moment you register in hike you get 20 Free SMS. Now, hike is offering UNLIMITED Free SMS to its users. According to the latest plan from hike, the more a user chats on hike, the more free SMS they will get.  There is no limit in the amount of free SMS that can be earned. Now that’s interesting.

Share any file – You can share multiple files under 100MB using hike (not only images and videos, Any files). This is an addition to the image share feature in other similar applications.

Delivery and Read Notification – Hike shows notification about the message delivery. Single tick for Sent, Double  for Delivered and R for Read.

Invite and get rewarded – Invite others and earn 20 Rs talk time for every new user.

These are the features which are not available in other similar applications. Addition to this, hike has brought a fresh feel in other common features too, like

Hike UI – People using other IMs will get a fresh look and feel in hike.

Walkie-talkie – Send Audio messages to your friends

Expressive and Fun Stickers – Be expressive with the all new crazy stickers. It’s a lot better than emoticons.

Group chat– Add your friends to a group and start a group chat

Games – Hike comes with click to download applications which is integrated to hike so that you can share your scores in hike and challenge your friends.

Hike will shortly be available in PC also.

One more reason which I feel hike is getting popular is their marketing strategy and their investment in that sector.

Hike is available in almost all the mobile platforms. Click below to get hike in your mobile

  1. iOS
  2. Android 
  3. Windows Phone 
  4. Blackberry
  5. Nokia OVI

Watch the DEMO of Hike Messenger

So what are you waiting for? Install hike and let us know if we have missed any features and tell us more about your view about this incredible application.

Life ko thoda HIKE kar le yaar J ( Hike up your Life )



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