Android and iOS Apps That Hide your Identity and Make you Post Anonymously!


The latest trend in the technology is the apps that can hide your identity and can post whatever is in there in your mind on your behalf.

In the modern day technology everything has its own identity, even the posts you are posting.So, this was at least a problem for a few who never wanted to get revealed but want to express themselves to the world. As a relief for those, here we have some apps which are absolutely free of cost and cit an post anonymously.

Some apps of that kind are,

Secret: In this app you can post anything on your behalf anonymously.

Whisper:Here it links with your facebook friends but the posts can be anonymous and the author of the posts remain unknown, you can see your friends posts but it will be unknown that which of your friends posted it.

Confide: It has an amazing feature of self destruction! Yes you heard it right, the messages once read will destroy itself leaving no traces at all. So send private messages that self destructs after reading.

All these apps are available in Android and iOS Platform.

So what are your waiting for, download these apps and express yourself to the whole world ANONYMOUSLY!!!!


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