Smart phone usage in India, more than that of the USA – Reports.

1Reports from Ericsson consumer lab says Smart phone usage in India is more than that of the USA. The average usage of smart phone in India is 198 minutes compared to 132 minutes for the USA.
40% of the time spent, are in using different applications.
Indian users checks their phone at least 77 times a day.
Ericsson conducted this study by collecting information from 12 cities, around 4000 users.

Studies reveal that, Whatsapp and Facebook applications are now widely used for business purposes.

netwrok speed and smart phone

Network speed also has a big role in smart phone usage. If the network is fast, then the user is spending more time on smart phone.
Many people spend a great amount of time with their phone just before sleeping.

62% of the smart phone usage is while at home.

There is a 63% growth in application usage and 20% growth in smart phone usage compared to figures from the last two years.

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